Fliers News · Middle School Girls Basketball Information for 1/4/2021 @ Edison

GYMNASIUM:  For Middle School Basketball games played at Edison Middle School  20 Center St, Berlin Heights, OH 44814

Tickets – The middle school will offer two tickets to each Edison student participating at home events for their family members to attend. Two tickets will also be offered to each visiting student participating in events hosted at Edison Middle School.  Each participant will receive two vouchers that will need to be redeemed for a ticket at the event at a cost of $3 per ticket.  No one will be admitted without a voucher. 


Traffic Flow

Spectators and visiting teams will enter the building at the south entrance located off of Center Street.  When entering the double doors, please veer right and continue along the blue tiled hallway, following the signs to the cafeteria.  Upon purchasing a ticket, spectators will enter the gym at the southeast double doors off of the cafeteria.  Visiting players will also enter at that same spot.  At the conclusion of the event, spectators will exit out of the west gym doors to avoid cross flow issues with anyone arriving to the event. 


The gym at Edison Middle School will need to be cleared after the 7th grade game before spectators for the 8th grade game may gain entrance to the gym.  We are requesting that spectators for the 8th grade game not arrive prior to 5:30 pm.

 Seating for spectators: –All spectators will be seated on the North side of the gym.  There is space for approximately 42 people (seated in pairs of two for family members) in those bleachers.  Spectators in those bleachers may only sit where they see an orange sticker.  Only family members/household members are to sit within six feet of one another. Additionally, we will put folding chairs on the stage to accommodate another 24 spectators.  NO spectators are to sit on the south side of the gym.  This side is exclusively for the playing teams, coach, and score/timekeeper. 

Once seated, we are requesting that spectators remain in the gym until the conclusion of the game.   

 Masks – We are requiring all spectators and workers to wear masks.  If someone does not have a mask, he/she will be asked to leave.  Masks must be worn appropriately covering the nose, mouth, and chin.  Masks must be only cloth/fabric.  Masks are to remain on throughout the entire game.  If spectators do not comply, the game will halt until compliance is met.

 Concessions – We will not have any concessions this year.

 Athletes– All athletes MUST wear a mask unless they are actively warming up or when they are playing in the game.  If they are on the bench, they MUST wear a mask and sit 6 feet apart in their assigned section of the bleachers.  The players will be sitting on the south side of the gym this year.  There will be orange stickers indicating where a player may sit on that side.  Only 7th grade athletes will be in the gym and in the bleachers during their game, while 8th grade visiting athletes will be seated in our cafeteria.  Visiting schools will need to have a coach supervising them in the cafeteria.  Edison 8th grade athletes will be seated in the library during the 7th grade game, with a coach supervising them at that location.  During the 8th grade game, 7th grade visiting athletes will need to be seated in the cafeteria with a coach supervising them, while Edison 7th grade athletes are to go home with their parent.

 ocker Rooms–  Locker rooms will ONLY be available for restrooms.  All players need to arrive in their uniform ready to play.  Halftime coaching will need to be done from the bench.